Nani Shifting To His Expensive House

By - June 12, 2017 - 11:40 AM IST

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The taste of success in cinema is so sweet that you can become a crorepati overnight. And if you are sensible enough to plan your finances properly you would have a luxurious life ahead. Natural Star Nani is currently heading in that direction with his planning.

It is known that he is riding a wave of back to back hits so it is obvious that he has also been minting money. As a result, Nani has reportedly shelled out a whopping 5 crores and bought a lavish villa with latest amenities and facilities in Gachibowli area.

Buzz is that he is all set to move into his new nest and start a new life. Sources also reveal he wants to start this new chapter owing to the arrival of his newborn baby boy. Here’s wishing the best of happiness and prosperity and may he continue entertaining us all.