Baseless Controversy With Tanikella Bharani's Dialogue

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You can call it a crooked motive or a result of sitting jobless but lately there are many who seem to search for ways and means to create an issue out of nothing and hog some publicity. Unfortunately, it is always the film celebrities who become the target.

This time, it is the turn of the ace intellectual Tanikella Bharani. His dialogue just before the interval bang of the movie Ami Thumi is now being magnified by few narrow minded groups and being brewed as a controversy. They claim he was encouraging youth to go and smoke.

Just because he came up with a hand gesture how can it be interpreted as smoking. To be more practical, is audience so dumb that even if Tanikella gestures, they will directly go and take a puff.  This is just another baseless controversy getting created in social media for no reason. Grow up folks!

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