Small Movies In Ravindra Bharati And Tyagaraya Gana Sabha?

By - June 14, 2017 - 01:05 PM IST

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One of the oldest and most frequent controversy in Tollywood has been the stepmother treatment towards small budget movies. The biggest grievance is these films are unable to get theatres and are fizzling out despite having the potential to entertain and generate revenue.

But some are now saying perhaps the better option is, they should be screened in small arenas like Tyagaraya Gana Sabha, Ravindra Bharati and few private auditoriums. Though some are also staging protests demanding justice, here is one point of truth.

The decision to run a film especially in single screens is in the hands of the cycle stand and canteen owners. They put pressure on management if they feel movie is not good and threaten to scrap their annual contract. The cinema business runs on demand and supply factor and government cannot intervene. However, since they have few properties under them like Ravindra Bharati, the producers of small movies can work out some solution through that.