Prabhas! Get Used To It!

By - June 15, 2017 - 11:40 AM IST

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As long as you love the media attention and know how to handle their tricks you can be a very celebrated hero or heroine. However, not many stars are comfortable with that idea because as a person, they are quite shy or reserved or prefer their personal space.

In that, young rebel star Prabhas stands top in the list. For a long time, he has been shying away from the media and has a easy going nature. However, it is heard that after the invasion of Baahubali the Bollywood media is focusing a lot about him.

As part of that, they are also cooking up some spicy gossip on him linking him to Anushka and what not. Buzz is that Prabhas is not very comfortable with all this. However, the seniors are saying Prabhas has no choice but to get used to it because Bollywood media is an expert in spiraling the private lives of stars the way they want.

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