Film Stories Weaving Around This Crime

By - June 16, 2017 - 11:07 AM IST

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You need to have good creativity in order to come up with a good storyline for a film but when you see films, most of them tend to find certain inspiration from real life incidents and stories. Lately, movies which have come based on real life stories found more attention.

Taking that as the cue, there are many aspiring filmmakers who keep track of the real life incidents. One such incident which has become hot property is the double deaths of SI Prabhakar Reddy in Siddipet and a beautician Sirisha in Hyderabad.

Buzz is that there is a strong link between these two deaths which are currently touted as suicides. Given the various twists and angles in this case, the aspirants hub Ganapathi complex in Filmnagar has been seeing a lot of stories being woven taking this as the main plot.

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