Jaggi Vasudev's Comment On His Biopic Actor

By - June 17, 2017 - 07:12 PM IST

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India is a land of mystic forces and what was once walked upon by holy Sadhus and Saints is now having the presence of spiritual Gurus. One of the most sought after names in the modern times is Jaggi Vasudev, the founder of Isha Yoga and Foundation.

Unlike a conventional Guru, Jaggi Vasudev has been quite a brand and he has shown his wisdom and enlightenment at many instances. Recently, he was in talks with the filmmaker Karan Johar for a program titled ‘Conversations with the mystic’.

In that, Karan asked a question “If your story was done as a biopic which actor do you think would be the hero.” For this, Guru quipped “I think it should be animated”. This reply from him was met with applause and laughter which goes to show his presence of mind to say the least.