JD Chakravarthy Comes Up With Controversial Title

By - June 19, 2017 - 09:37 PM IST

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These days the best way to grab attention and publicity is by coming up with something controversial and sensational. Given the amount of focus thanks to the social media, the entertainment industry has been taking advantage wherever possible.

Now, it is heard that actor/director J D Chakravarthy might be creating some buzz with a title he is choosing for his directorial. Already in the past, he named the film as Sridevi and it became a huge controversy, then he made it as Savitri and then the project was considered shelved.

Eventually, it is heard that JD made it as 30 Plus 30 but it didn’t catch the required attention. But now he is going to come up with a dangerous title. Inside news say the titles could be Pakkinti Uncle Bharya, Pakkinti Aunty, Maa Uncle Bharya and one among them would be finalized. Nothing has come out officially though but this sure is going to catch fire.