Wife Gives Sexual Freedom To Husband

By - June 22, 2017 - 03:53 PM IST

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After marriage, it is all about commitment and fidelity especially when you are in a field which is filled with glamour and lot of distractions. Hence, you tend to see many relationships failing and falling apart in the cinema circuit. Fortunately, Tollywood has been reasonably decent.

Though some affairs and relationships do take place they don’t really break homes or families. And sometimes, there is a broadminded approach to it. Here is one such example which should give you good clarity. It is about a wife’s permission to her husband.

One film director’s wife gave full license for him to sleep with anyone he wants and she has no issues. Many of his close friends are envying him for his luck to get such a wife. They are quipping he has done some good karma in the past life. Interestingly, the director said “After getting so much freedom I have lost interest.” For some reason, when freedom is curbed interest element rises in these matters, that’s the story folks!

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