Rajini's Political Confirmation!

By - June 24, 2017 - 03:38 PM IST

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For many years, Style Samrat Rajnikanth kept the media as well as his fans on their toes when it comes to the question of his political entry. He used to point his finger to the sky and pass the buck to God. However, things seem to have changed rapidly in the recent past.

Reports from Chennai reveal the process of Rajini’s political entry has been expedited and he has been meeting up with members of political parties, his fans and others. Adding more strength to the talk, Rajini reportedly said that he will announce once things are confirmed.

Going by his statements, it looks very clear that Rajini is going to make that announcement very soon. If that happens there is no doubt that he would become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu with a landslide but the real show would begin once he dons the chair. Get set for an interesting phase folks!

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