Private Film Clubs In Film Nagar Area

By - June 25, 2017 - 11:58 AM IST

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Unlike Bollywood where a grand gala premiere is held before the release day, Tollywood has chosen a rather conventional path wherein private screening happens only for the cast and crew before release. FNCC is the chosen venue for doing such screenings.

However, in the recent past it has been noticed that more than the main members from cine fraternity, real estate folks and members from other fields of business are being given membership and their numbers are increasing. As a result, the privacy is not there for cine folks.

They feel that it is not like a proper cine club hence they are now forming separate clubs for their viewing and gathering at other venues. This has also given rise to few entrepreneurs who feel they can come up with some nice mini theatres in the Filmnagar area.

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