Actress Trapped In Mischievous Phone Call

By - June 26, 2017 - 07:10 PM IST

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Though technology has taken all of us to a new horizon it has also opened doors for many crooks to loot. It is all upto us to use our presence of mind in such situations. Recently, one actress who belongs to a popular range got a random call.

The caller said “We are giving away two iPhones to our celebrities and you happen to be one of the lucky winners.” She believed it was true. Later on, the caller told her to deposit Rs 25,000 and she did that immediately believing she will get an iPhone.

After depositing, she tried reaching them and either they were not picking calls or saying we have couriered and other things. Obviously the actress cannot file police report as it is again trouble but she is feeling bad that she lost 25k. However, some are saying they are not sure how she could trust someone like that so blindly.