What's Cooking, Prabhas?

By - June 26, 2017 - 12:49 PM IST

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When you do the right kind of movie which has a universal content there is no doubt that you would become famous across the nation. Young rebel star Prabhas was a household name in the Telugu land but the magnum opus Baahubali changed it all.

He has now become a household name nationwide and true to that, the Bollywood folks are doing their best to get him to Mumbai. Interestingly, the shy guy is also showing inclination towards heading there. Here is the latest update on our ‘Darling’.

It is heard that Prabhas has met up with the big producer Sajid Nadiadwala who has done heavy budget flicks in Bollywood. Buzz is that he is keen to wield the megaphone with Prabhas as the hero. If all goes well, it could be his straight entry. Over to Prabhas to clear the mystery.

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