Pawan Kalyan's Next Political Topic

By - June 27, 2017 - 02:43 PM IST

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We would love to see power star Pawan Kalyan as a superstar forever but we need to digest the bitter pill that very soon we have to see him as a real life politico than a reel life leader. With his party Jana Sena picking momentum, few of his followers are coming up with a discussion.

It is known that the general elections are coming in two years and from the time Pawan entered politics, each season he brings new topics. For some time, he was voicing strongly about special status to the state of Andhra Pradesh and denouncing the special package.

After a brief silence, he began protesting about farmer’s issues and how they need to be given the utmost priority than anything else. Again came a brief silence and then he went to Harvard and gave a speech. Given this pattern, we have to see what will be his next political topic.

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