Shivani Chooses Only Top Heroes?

By - June 28, 2017 - 04:50 PM IST

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You have the privilege of working with the top range heroes only when you have attained a certain range of success and stardom. However, there is one star kid who seems to have perfect clarity of how her career should be and is heading in that direction.

Her name is Shivani Rajasekhar, daughter of angry man Rajasekhar and actress Jeevitha. It is known that Shivani is making her debut in Tamil. Apparently, she wants to do the first to show her talent as a performer but from second film onwards the strategy is changing.

She wants to pair up with big names and that’s the type of grooming and training she is taking. At the same time, even her family is planning on how things will be in Bollywood for her. If Shivani proves her mettle, she would be in the big league. At the moment, all are giving her 100 marks thanks to her sharp looks and magnetic features.

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