Attack On Krishna Vamsi Going Viral

By - June 29, 2017 - 11:01 AM IST

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There are many issues that keep happening in the film industry but it was bound by an unwritten protocol that the issues were to be sorted within four walls and the integrity needs to be maintained. However, the invasion of social media has changed the dynamics.

Today, it has become the best platform for many to garner publicity and mileage. In this process, they do not hesitate to violate the barriers and get going. Currently, one video is going very viral and this has to do with a choreographer blasting the bulbs of creative genius Krishna Vamsi.

Rakesh Master is a noted choreographer in Tollywood and he revealed how Krishna Vamsi is an arrogant man with no regard for technicians and behaves as if he knows it all. Rakesh didn’t hesitate to use cuss words on Krishna Vamsi and revealed how he was not paid for a 11 day stint in his movie. Not stopping at that, he also blasted the actor duo Jogi Brothers. The response from Krishna Vamsi is awaited.