Hero Behind Heroine's Kidnap

By - June 30, 2017 - 11:26 AM IST

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Anti social activities such as murder, rape, kidnap or violence is seen onscreen but you prefer not to witness it off the screen. Though there are incidents like that which happen outside, things get interesting only when some noted name get embroiled into it.

Few months back, the hottest episode was the kidnapping of the delicate beauty Bhavana and the investigation has been on since then. In this chaos, some fingers were pointing towards the senior Malayalam hero Dileep and here is the latest update from Kerala.

It is heard that recently Dileep and his friend were in police custody and were interrogated for nearly twelve hours. This has strengthened the talk that Dileep is directly or indirectly involved in the whole incident. For now, the main accused Pulsar Suni has not mentioned the name of Dileep though.