Housewife's Confusion Between Two Brothers

By - July 01, 2017 - 10:33 AM IST

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You may wonder what is this domestic story about a housewife and two brothers but there is a valid reason behind this tale. During the ongoing SIIMA event at Abu Dhabi, an interesting incident took place. It is obvious that the place was infested with many Tollywood celebrities.

One among them is rock star Devi Sri Prasad. Reports reveal one housewife who was sitting very near to DSP in the back row came in a hurried manner to have selfie with DSP and without a glance she took a click and ran as fast as she came thinking she took the selfie.

But when she went to her seat she discovered she took the picture of Sagar, DSP’s brother. Her family members confirmed this so then she ran again to DSP and this time took another selfie. When she was doing it the first time DSP must have thought his brother has become big but this happened due to her confusion than anything else.