Will Kamal Haasan's Prophecy Come True?

By - July 03, 2017 - 06:11 PM IST

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Gaining fame and stardom at a local level may be an achievable task for you but trying to repeat the same at a national level is just not easy given the number of industries present in this country. The challenge is even tougher for those who belong to the south.

Despite that, Universal Star Kamal Haasan has earned a lot of name and respect at an international level. In the recent past, he has been hitting headlines for his sensational statements and predictions. This time, he spoke on behalf of entire Kollywood circuit.

The entire theatre fraternity in Tamil Nadu is following indefinite bandh owing to the exorbitant 30% tax levied by state government. Reacting to this, Kamal has predicted the entire industry would be heard as one voice in this protest. Fortunately, the Telangana state people were saved when the ticket price hike GO was taken back.