Leaks About Nani's 'Ninnu Kori'

By - July 04, 2017 - 10:31 AM IST

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While making a film itself is a huge challenge these days you end up having a much bigger challenge in protecting it from leaking out. In the last few years, many films have suffered due to the leakage issues and some have ended up with empty coffers at box office.

Akin to that, there are also those pirates who are keen to dig out some footage or news related to a film just before its release and put it online. The latest in that list is the movie Ninnu Kori featuring natural star Nani. The talk is about three crucial scenes from his movie.

Buzz is that these scenes will end up making you sob because of Nani’s riveting performance. The grapevine is that the three scenes are extremely emotional and Nani has taken it to another peak with his act. The film is preparing to arrive this Friday so let us wait to see if these leaks are true or just a diversion.

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