Power Star Slogans In Multi-star Event

By - July 06, 2017 - 11:44 AM IST

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You can call it the most mysterious phenomenon in the Tollywood circuit but for some reason, the mania and admiration for power star Pawan Kalyan is beyond comprehension. Already, there have been instances wherein using the name of Pawan worked for movies at the box office.

Now, film events are also witnessing the same mania. The latest in that happens to be the audio release function of the movie Nakshatram. The event was attended by many celebrities but then whoever was being called onstage, another name was being heard from the crowds.

It is that of the power star. The crowds were in a frenzy chanting slogans on Pawan and it was clear that the power star fans came there. While it is not sure how to react to this situation, you would have got an idea of how things will be when an event related to power star would happen.