Hot Heroine Wants Love!

By - July 07, 2017 - 06:37 PM IST

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You tend to see some really beautiful and idealistic love stories onscreen and adulate the actors and actresses who do such roles but the stark reality is, many relationships in the film industry are quite flimsy and spontaneous without real depth.

However, one hot heroine doesn’t want to get into that rigmarole and has total clarity on her personal life. She is none other than Anu Emmanuel and recently she got to share her thoughts on her personal life. Apparently, Anu wants to have only a love marriage.

She has reportedly stressed on the benefits of love before marriage and how she needs time to adjust to things. Having said that, Anu is also clear that she is single right now as she doesn’t really have any time to spare for a man. You never know when cupid may strike Anu so better watch out!

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