Ninnu Kori Roars At BO

By - July 08, 2017 - 07:45 PM IST

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It doesn’t take a week for you to decide whether a film is worth watching or not, all it takes it just one day or two and you would know the film’s mettle. True to that, one film is emitting strong positive vibes and it is roaring at the box office in a big way post its release.

We are talking about the film Ninnu Kori featuring Natural Star Nani, the intense eyed Aadi Pinisetty and the stunning beauty Nivedha Thomas. Reports reveal the collections are rocking for the film and if you recall, with the song ‘Adiga adiga…’ the film caught the first attention.

Then it became famous with the second song ‘Ninnu choodagane…’. Many thought it was a regular love story but it has turned out to be a shocking emotional movie. Buzz is that the film is quite engaging and nobody is talking negative about the movie. The main highlight is dialogues from Kona Venkat.