Focus On Overseas Telugu Film Business

By - July 09, 2017 - 01:31 PM IST

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About two decades ago the business of cinema for Tollywood meant the collections garnered in the unified Andhra Pradesh but since the last few years, a very important component has added to it. We are talking about the overseas market especially the US box office.

As much as domestic business is important, even overseas business is also being taken into consideration. Few directors are also shaping up their stories to suit the taste of the NRI folks. However, the business angle seems to be having a wide gap.

This has to do in terms of the huge selling price and the recovery model. Apparently, the big hero movies are being sold for a bomb in the US and if the talk is even average, the buyers are ending up with huge losses. Star stamina may work here but content works there. So, a balance needs to be brought in wherein the selling price needs to come down and the content has to go up. Only then the real stamina of overseas box office can be experienced consistently.

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