NTR Ok- What About Other Artistes?

By - July 11, 2017 - 10:41 AM IST

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There is no doubt that the true backbone for any project is the hero and he is the one who has the stamina to draw the crowds. Having said that, a hero alone cannot pull the entire project to success and safety, a lot depends on the remaining cast and crew as well.

Any entertainment product is successful only through a collective effort and the same discussion is happening regarding the outcome for the new TV show ‘Bigg Boss’. It is known that this is going to be hosted by young tiger Junior NTR but here comes the question of truth.

Some rationalists are stating that NTR’s craze is there and it does bring hype but the actual success is also depending on the participants and the craze they have among the public. This is going to be an acid test for the show organizers so let us see what they come up with.

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