Entire Family Disappointed Gossip Mongers

By - July 14, 2017 - 10:28 AM IST

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Being a celebrity gives you a good feeling but you should also be immune to one thing, gossips. The more famous you are the higher the number of gossips. The other extreme is, those who are nowhere in the radar try to create some gossip just to hog some spotlight.

Currently, one family has garnered attention due to a gossip they never created. We are talking about hero Varun Sandesh and his actress wife Vithika Sheru. The last three days saw a strong grapevine that Vithika had attempted suicide due to issues with Varun.

While the media was agog with many investigations, both of them were least bothered and so was Varun’s family. Instead, the family enjoyed it as free publicity and laughed heartily about it. This has disappointed the gossip mongers in a big way.

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