Wise Decision To Avert Mega Clash!

By - July 15, 2017 - 10:17 AM IST

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The business of cinema is becoming very tough these days due to various factors and notable among them are the multiple releases on the same day. This has eaten into the market share of the movies but there is no other choice because of the quantity of films being made.

Given that, it is always a huge minus if two big budget films release either on the same day or even in 2-3 days gap. Few concerns were being expressed over a possible clash between power star Pawan Kalyan and mega powerstar Ram Charan.

Pawan is expected to arrive with his movie during Sankranthi 2018 and even Charan had locked the same time for his Rangasthalam 1985. This sent few jitters among the mega fans but now reliable sources have confirmed Charan is not keen on such clashes and he would prepone his release towards Christmas 2017 if Pawan’s film is indeed arriving for Sankranthi. Wisely done!

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