Marketing Head Earns Bigger Than Director

By - July 16, 2017 - 08:50 AM IST

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Most of you have a fair idea of the kind of money people make through films. Normally, it is the hero who makes the most through his remuneration and profit share and then it is the turn of the director followed by the music director and other key technicians.

The statistics are somewhat similar even for a big budget movie but there is a small addition. For such movies the marketing heads earn a lot. For instance, a movie like Baahubali requires massive marketing, it is critical and crucial. The marketing head needs to create a revolutionary strategy.

If someone can elevate it to international level, percentages are high and heavy fee is given. In this process, these marketing heads earn more than the director. It takes amazing creativity and proper planning with strategy to become a successful marketing head, make a note folks!

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