Mahesh's Snoring In Big Discussion

By - July 19, 2017 - 09:33 AM IST

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The only Mahesh that most of us would connect to is superstar Mahesh Babu but there is also another Mahesh who has become a celebrity in his own range. His full name is Mahesh Kathi and he happens to be a noted film critic cum director.

Mahesh is currently a contestant in the latest reality show Bigg Boss and the hottest discussion about him is, he snores a lot. As such, many of his friends know that he is quite a snorer but now his snoring has become famous to the TV audience as well.

On the other hand, even the other member of the house actor Siva Balaji also seems to be snoring quite a lot. All this got confirmed by comedian Dhanraj who revealed the snoring saga the next morning. Sources say it is not sure if Mahesh will be there or not this week as he came through nomination. If he gets votes he will survive or else no.

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