Hunt For Heroine's Nude Clip

By - July 19, 2017 - 05:52 PM IST

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The moment something sensational or controversial happens in the film industry many of us would latch onto the internet and check it out. Normally, this has more to do with some visuals or videos. The same is happening now due to a possible leak of a heroine’s video.

We are talking about the sexy siren Sanjjanaa who shot to fame with Bujjigadu Made In Chennai. She has done a Kannada movie Dandupalya 2 and grapevine is strong that a deleted scene wherein she was completely nude and tied has been leaked.

From her end, Sanjjanaa has quashed this as a baseless rumour and reiterated she never did any such scene. However, many netizens are already surfing the web to locate this scene and confirm it. In all this, Dandupalya 2 which is currently running in theatres is getting good publicity and so is Sanjjanaa.