Nude Video Shakes Entire State

By - July 20, 2017 - 12:29 PM IST

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You would have already got the news of how the sexy siren Sanjanaa is making headlines thanks to the leaked nude video of her movie ‘Dandupalyam 2’ a dubbed version of the Kannada movie ‘Dandupalya 2’. The Karnataka media is having a feast over this leaked footage.

Meanwhile, another interesting talk is making rounds. As such, the movie became a major flop and the makers themselves have released the nude video for publicity. From her end, even Sanjanaa put up a press meet and denied doing any nude scenes.

She reportedly mentioned she had clothes on but they morphed it. No matter what the exercise, the collections haven’t picked up. Incidentally, this scene got released online and people are watching it on net without going to theatres so the whole purpose seems to be lost now.

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