Top Heroine Takes Drugs!

By - July 20, 2017 - 06:36 PM IST

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Ever since internet and social media has become rampant the sensationalism quota has risen by many multiples. As a result, even sensational issues have become seasonal and the attention span has reduced. Keeping this in mind, the film folks try to cash things when they are hot.

Currently the hottest and latest sensation is the drug scandal which is shaking Tollywood. Given the heat, the makers of one film are pushing the promotions aggressively. We are talking about Vasuki featuring the gracious beauty Nayanthara in the lead.

Reports reveal the story revolves around how a woman takes revenge on few rapists who happen to be drug addicts. This is perhaps a way to show how drugs can bring destruction. Well, if the makers can drive the point in the right way Nayan may have yet another hit in her kitty.