Silence And Fears In Supporting Film Celebs

By - July 23, 2017 - 12:26 PM IST

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Even if a person is not that known to you but you are from the same fraternity then it is basic human emotion to offer some support when the other person is in crisis. The film fraternity often boasts of being a close knit family but reality surfaces when situations arise.

Currently the Tollywood circuit is going through a turmoil due to the drug menace and here is an interesting update. All those who wanted to call and show their empathy to the celebrities who received notices are hesitating out of fear and maintaining silence.

It only goes to show that nobody comes near when you are in troubles but in good times everyone joins to celebrate and parties with you. Some of them say they fear the police will suspect them and corner them in some way. Well, that’s how the film society has become now.

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