Mahesh Babu Power Shakes Sambar Land

By - July 25, 2017 - 10:56 AM IST

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The trend of Tollywood heroes trying to make their presence felt in the neighbouring Kollywood circuit has picked up in recent times but superstar Mahesh Babu has taken it to a new level. Well, it is known that his next movie Spyder is being made in Tamil as well.

According to reports, the pre release business is happening like hot cakes in Kollywood for this movie. It is heard that many distributors approached the makers with an offer of Rs 18 crores but now the much talked about Lyca Productions has clinched the deal.

Reports reveal they have paid a whopping 23 crores for the Tamil distribution rights excluding the satellite and other rights. This is indeed a huge figure for Mahesh in a market like Kollywood. Spyder is preparing to arrive on September 27th and if it becomes a blockbuster, that would be the best result.

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