Pawan's Son Shocks & Thrills!

By - July 26, 2017 - 05:41 PM IST

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Your interest levels are normally high towards superstars but it gets doubled when the names of their kids are taken. Star kids have always been those luring individuals until they make a proper official entry into filmdom. The same is happening now with one star kid.

The mania and love for power star Pawan Kalyan need not be explained but unlike the other star kids his son Akira Nandan has kept a low profile. However, the young lad was spotted with his father as the duo was returning from a trip to Bulgaria.

Those who saw Akira were in for a shock and in fact thrilled. Well, Akira has turned out to be a tall handsome lad who is a feet taller than his father. He has also got the same charisma his father has and there is no doubt he is going to create a huge sensation when he makes his entry as an actor.

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