Will Mumaith Discuss About SIT In Bigg Boss?

By - July 28, 2017 - 12:46 PM IST

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In what can be called as an unusual and exceptional situation the item queen Mumaith Khan had to exit the Bigg Boss house for a day. The reason for that is the ongoing investigation regarding the drugs episode in Tollywood and she was summoned by the Special Investigation Team.

Now, her interrogation got over and she returned to Bigg Boss house. This has given rise to a big question, will Mumaith discuss the encounter with SIT in the house. As per protocol she must not reveal any details. Even if she is silent how would she react if the remaining participants poke her on this topic.

So far, Mumaith has been a hot contender in the ‘Bigg Boss’ show but if this incident becomes the cause for any disrupting behavior from her things would get different. We have to wait and see how this actress would handle the tricky situation but it is going to be interesting for the audience.


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