Will This Re-Release Mint Money?

By - July 29, 2017 - 12:37 PM IST

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These days your memory has become very short spanned and you need to see something new and different with passing time. This is much more applicable when it comes to your approach towards movies. Given that you can imagine what is going to be the reaction when you hear of a re-release.

Yet, one filmmaker has decided to come up with a special feature on a movie which came twenty years ago. He is none other than James Cameron and the film is Titanic. The legendary filmmaker is coming up with a special documentary which would be released in December.

The big question is, if it releases now will public connect? Already it has been watched many times. Of course love works in every generation but theatrically how much it would work we have to wait and see. In the past, when re-releases happened they worked because those days TV and movies access were limited. Today everything is accessible over the net. We have to wait and see how this works.

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