Sadism Of Netizens On Film Personalities

By - July 30, 2017 - 12:52 PM IST

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Ever since the online world has begun to play an important role in our daily life it is also increasing the regressive nature among many. For some reason, netizens are keen to trample the other person and gain pleasure out of it. The usual targets are the cine folks.

Currently, the Tollywood folks are being targeted by the netizens. This has to do with those celebrities who are part of the interrogation by SIT regarding the drugs issue. The common opinion coming from the netizens are “Nothing will happen, all would be left free, nobody would be put in jail, only if someone gets arrested the Telangana government can be called as great.”

Going by this, it is very clear they are waiting for someone to be nailed and this is nothing but one form of sadism. If something is proved during interrogation arrests would be done automatically so no intimidating is required. Unfortunately, even senior citizens are writing big essays on social media that the celebs must be put behind bars, not sure why they are so keen to have it this way only.


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