Fidaa Piracy On YouTube

By - August 01, 2017 - 12:02 PM IST

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As a member of the film fraternity your worst fears are at their peak when your film is about to release in theatres tomorrow, this is more out of nervousness. However, these days the fears tend to continue because something more dangerous has come in.
We are talking about the devil of piracy and there are many films which fell prey to it. While many are doing their best to curb it, piracy is yet to be erased. The latest victim to that is the hit movie Fidaa. Few miscreants have come up with their style of piracy.
They are picking up few scenes from the movie and uploading them in the YouTube as given in the link below. This is actually spoiling the actual feel and fun of the movie. Let us wish tough action is taken to put an end to this piracy.