Sundeep Kishan Acts For The First Time?

By - August 02, 2017 - 01:02 PM IST

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As an artist you tend to do many characters for different movies but there is that one role which strikes your heart to the core and you live in it. This is now happening with one young hero and many say it is going to change his range for sure.
We are talking about Sundeep Kishan and the film is Nakshatram. In this movie he has performed extremely well and unit members are super confident he is going to get full marks as an actor. All this while he was not getting the right footing.
However, this movie is going to be very different as Sundeep lived the character. “This movie would be like Khadgam” - this is the news coming from the distributors who took the film. Helmed by creative genius Krishna Vamsi, the film is arriving on August 4.

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