'Spyder' Cracks The Deal Finally!

By - August 03, 2017 - 06:32 PM IST

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After putting many cine buffs in waiting for a long time the heat is picking up for the movie Spyder and here is the latest update. It is known that the movie was finding it tough to find buyers in the US owing to its staggering expectation of Rs 21 crores.
However, it is now heard that a deal has been struck and the North America rights have been taken by ATMOS and AZ India for a whopping 15.5 crores. This is also a huge figure and the film must make at least $5 million to be called as a safe venture.
The bright side is, Mahesh Babu has tremendous stamina in the overseas market especially in the US. Given the impressive pre release promotions and the increasing hype, the trade pundits are confident Spyder will become a sizeable blockbuster bringing money to all buyers.

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