Suku Reveals Truth About 'Darshakudu'

By - August 03, 2017 - 11:30 AM IST

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This can be mere coincidence or a deliberate attempt to generate some buzz but then whenever a project is on the anvil involving a big name, there would be few gossips and speculations surrounding it. But before people start believing them the real celebrities clarify the truth.
It is known that the new movie Darshakudu is grabbing a lot of attention for the fact that it is coming from the camp of logic director Sukumar. In this regard, a strong speculation is making rounds that the story is based on the life of Sukumar himself and his experiences.
Before things could go out of hand the man himself came forward and spoke the truth. Suku reportedly quashed this as a baseless rumour and maintained that it has nothing to do with his life. The film marks the debut of his protégé Hari Prasad as the director. That’s the story folks!

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