Big Talk About This Beautiful Wife

By - August 05, 2017 - 12:39 PM IST

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The culture of star wives flaunting their glamour and showing off is quite high in the Bollywood circuit but the star wives in Tollywood have been rather conventional and traditional. This had also earned them a huge respect among the regular public.
However, one actor’s wife has become the talk of the tinsel town in Filmnagar. Her name is Ravuri Swetha and she happens to be the wife of the noted actor Ajay. Apparently, Swetha has also taken part in the Mrs India competition recently.
Buzz is that many cine folks in Tollywood find her not just beautiful but a potential to become a good actress. Sources say Swetha is already being approached with some movie offers but she has refrained from it. Only time will reveal whether she or her hubby would be interested in taking this up.