Sundeep's Mistake In Discussion

By - August 09, 2017 - 10:16 AM IST

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You might be fortunate enough to come with opportunities in the film industry but what matters is how well do you capitalize them and shape your career ‎properly. This is more important in the case of budding heroes. 
The young hero Sundeep Kishan has got all the credentials to make it big but his well wishers are coming up with an observation now. They say that his strategy needs to be altered. Apparently, Sundeep is going only for big directors and banners and is not focusing on the story.  
On the contrary, Natural Star Nani chose content and stories and became successful. And Sundeep is facing flops as his focus is on scale more than content. After Venkatadri Express that standard of cinema has never come. So, his well wishers are hoping Sundeep will make amends and bounce back with a bang.