Tensions Surrounding Drug Scandal Arrests

By - August 10, 2017 - 11:25 AM IST

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The hottest and latest topic that was rattling the Tollywood folks since a while has been the drug menace and after the interrogation phase everyone breathed a sigh of relief because nothing damaging happened. However, the latest grapevine has once again started giving the jitters to the filmnagar crowds.
Buzz is that two out of the twelve celebrities would be arrested very soon. With this many are speculating on who that could be. This is also causing some worry among the cine biggies. That aside, two other versions are also being heard.
One version is that no such arrests would be made and everything will be silenced soon. Another version states that since it is about the image of the government and the system the arrests are certain. The coming days will give a clear picture of which version would become true.