Arjun Reddy's Shocking Update

By - August 11, 2017 - 01:05 PM IST

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As audience your patience levels are limited these days and you would expect a film to be completed crisply without much dragging. As a result, you would have noticed that most of the films these days have a run time of not more than two hours ten minutes or two hours twenty minutes at the most.
But one film which is preparing to arrive has shocked not just the censor board members but also the cine buffs. We are talking about the movie Arjun Reddy featuring Vijay Deverakonda. Latest update is that the full run time of the movie is three hours ten minutes.
The censor board is reportedly shocked with this duration and at the same time they have given ‘A’ certificate because one dialogue has a Hindi cuss word ‘Ma**rc**d’. It is heard that the film has six characters and just the introduction alone takes six minutes for each introduction. 
Well, it is not sure how the audience is going to accept such a long film and the other issue is, how will the theatres accommodate this film because they cannot run four shows in a day with this duration. Now that censor is done there is no change in duration so let us see what happens. 

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