Teja's Old Heroine In Boyapati's Film

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You are used to watching movies and you get familiar with the artists at one point of time. But whenever something different or new happens it certainly catches your attention. This is more when an actress who is out of radar bounces back onto the screen.
The new movie Jaya Janaki Nayaka helmed by the Mass Ustad Boyapati Srinu sprang a surprise like that. A recent heroine Esther Noronha was seen in the movie. She acted as Nandu’s wife in the film and those who saw her remembered her for another reason.
Apparently Esther was the heroine in the movie Veyyi Abaddhalu which was helmed by talented director Teja. She was also seen in few other movies before disappearing but her comeback took many by surprise. They are happy to see her and now they are hoping she would be seen more onscreen. 

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