Film On The Life Of Dawood Ibrahim

By - August 14, 2017 - 11:41 AM IST

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Inside news says that Ram Gopal Varma is gearing up to make a film on Dawood Ibrahim. But sources are yet to confirm on this officially because the director is known for announcing several projects in short time. It stands as a suspense for his fans and admirers to see with which films he comes out finally and what all films will be shelved. 
Earlier, he announced Reddygaru Poyaru, Ramayanam and recently NTR. No official follow up statement  has come later on. RGV is the director who entertains not only by making films, but also by announcing films. No other film maker gets the kind of attention that RGV gets while announcing a film. 
Though he didn't announce, the hearsay says that some plans are being made to make a film on the life of Dawood Ibrahim on international platform. Will that be a web series or feature films has to be waited and seen. Well, if at all this subject has to be made a film, there is none other than RGV who can do justice. 
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