Prabhas' Interview For Payment?

By - August 17, 2017 - 04:56 PM IST

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Being a celebrity it is important for you to have maximum publicity at all times and when you are approached by a media house you should be more than willing to oblige. However, there are those stars who become so hot that media entities don’t hesitate to shell big money.

Young rebel star Prabhas who was a sensation across the Telugu audience has become a heartthrob of the nation after the magnum opus Bahubali. As a result, many media folks want a byte from him. However, getting Prabhas to speak will cost, as per sources.

It is heard that if a TV Channel wants to interview Prabhas they need to pay him. That is the brand image he has earned. This phenomenon is there in Bollywood wherein when some interviews are required payment has to be made. Even some websites approach celebrities for interviews and have to pay. For instance, one top lyricist charges 30k for interview in a website. That’s the story folks!


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