Disgusting Vomiting Act In Bigg Boss

By - August 18, 2017 - 04:16 PM IST

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When you are watching a reality show you do expect a slice of reality but there are also those times when certain episodes make you wonder was it for real or just a weird attempt. This was the case with the home audience when they saw a recent episode of Bigg Boss.
It is known that the cat eyed hero Navdeep entered the house as a wild card entry and he was asked to do a task. Well, he had to remove the wax from the ears of others using his tongue. Well, you all know the purpose of having a tongue and what its functions are.
Given that, the way Navdeep enacted the whole task and the entire flavour of the task ended up giving nausea to the audience. They felt like puking looking at the disgusting way it was being executed. It is time the organizers come up with something more matured.

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