Funny Gossips Around Heroine

By - August 21, 2017 - 11:21 AM IST

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You must get used to gossips and rumours once you become an actor or actress but then there are those rare individuals who tend to become part of a rumour for just about everything. The best that you can do is simply laugh over the figmented creation of few minds.
The seductive eyed beauty Anjali has been in the eye of some or the other controversy at regular intervals. This time her name flashed in headlines with the talk that she is all set to take a plunge in politics either in Andhra Pradesh or in Tamil Nadu.
Some also added extra masala that Anjali would join hands with Style Samrat Rajinikanth. Before things get blown out of proportion the pretty girl quashed this as baseless rumours. As for others, they could not help laughing their guts out and feel these are really funny gossips which must be enjoyed. 

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